What To Expect

What To Expect

What To Expect

Winchester Optical professionally fits contact lenses based on eyeglass prescriptions, lifestyles, and eye evaluations to find the perfect contact lens for each patient.

A new contact lens wearer can expect a full evaluation with Optician John Deering at the first contact lens fitting. John Deering, contact lens specialist since 1978, will discuss your contact lens needs and evaluate your eye using diagnostic dyes, corneal topography, and photography. Based on your lifestyle criteria, previous glasses prescription, and physical eye measurements a suitable lens is chosen in the closest power and parameters that we have available from our over 20,000 trial lenses on-site.

A contact lens is then placed on your eye to give you the full effect of vision and initial comfort. You will be taught how to properly put them in and take them out, as well as care for them daily. If you succeed at insertion and removal then you take home a 2-3 week supply of contact lenses to try before returning for a follow-up visit.

At the follow-up visit our experienced staff will make sure that your contact lens fits well, is healthy on your eye, and is comfortable and clear for you. If all those criteria are met, we are ready to order a supply of lenses. If not, our staff will tweak and modify until things are perfect.

Every contact lens fitting at Winchester Optical ensures the utmost care in a comfortable environment.

​​​​​​​Schedule your contact lens fitting today to experience the Winchester Optical difference.

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