Founded in 1958, Winchester Optical has a history unlike any other…Where the Winchester Optical Difference was born…

In 1936 Joseph “Arthur” Deering got the inside scoop from a Bromfield Street elevator man in Boston that there was a job opening at the optical company Bausch & Lomb. Whoever would have thought that that tip would lead to a lifelong career in the optical world?

Bausch and Lomb’s position led to an apprentice optician position in 1937 working alongside optician Louis Gillis in Boston. Arthur retreated back into the corporate world once again in 1939 with American Optical. In 1940 he was made an AO manager. He was the youngest manager in AO’s history.

World War II came and changed the world. After being turned down once, he finally joined the U.S. Navy Seabees where he was stationed in the South Pacific and the Philippines.

After his Honorable Discharge Arthur returned to American Optical in 1947. He was married to Margaret in 1948. In 1958 with his fifth child, our own John Deering, on the way, he left American Optical to open Winchester Optical. Margaret also was an optician and together they spent until 1981 crafting the finest eyewear in the industry. Their persistent dedication to quality and customer service is to this day the basic foundation that distinguishes Winchester Optical as one of the premier optical environments in the country.

After a long retirement Arthur passed away in May of 2008. He is survived by Peg who is doing very well, retired in Andover, MA.

Arthur and Margeret’s son, John Deering and wife Helen took over continuing Winchester Opticals legacy until their retirement in 2023. Now, Arthur and Margaret's Grandson, John and Helen's son Joseph and wife Tirzah, are now the proud owners of Winchester Optical. Dr. Joseph Deering and wife Tirzah will continue offering the same quality, extraordinary care that Winchester Optical has for the past 30 years.

​​​​​​​The lengthy history and family atmosphere is what has created the unmatched customer service and eyecare dedication that is the Winchester Optical Difference!

Dr. Arthur
Dr. Arthur 2
Arthur with AO employees
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